Thursday, March 8, 2012


Back when I worked at House & Garden, there was a sign on my Art Director's door that read: GOOD, FAST, CHEAP (PICK TWO)I remember going over the combinations in my head, thinking he was pretty brilliant. 

Then the other day, I came across a magazine ad for the movie "Friends with Kids" on which the headline read: LOVE, HAPPINESS, KIDS (PICK TWO). Hmmmm, I thought. There's something to this system. 

So of course I started to think of all of the different combinations for which this model could work. With Town Meeting Day and the big fall election on the brain, for instance, I came up with: HONEST, EFFECTIVE, POLITICIAN (PICK TWO). 

More and more now, as I find myself balancing way too much on my plate at the office, with a growing toddler, new house plans, and a husband that's carrying much of the load at home,  I can't help but feel like my options most nights are pretty weak: WORK, FAMILY, SLEEP.

Tonight, for my sanity, I pick but one.

Night, Night.

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  1. HAHAHAHAHA! In my delirium last night, I wrote "WORK, SOCIAL LIFE, SLEEP" as though having a social life these days was actually an option. I edited the above post to reflect reality. Cheers!