Thursday, August 30, 2012


Three years doesn't seem like a long time. Until, of course, you consider everything that's actually happened in that time. 
  • Got married
  • Had a baby
  • Moved to DC
  • Bought land
  • Moved back to VT
  • Got new jobs (granted, at the same company)
  • Started building a new house
  • Dropped son off for the first day of his third year of school (as a Dragonfly)
More than enough to celebrate, wouldn't you say? We thought so. 

One of Hudson's favorite teachers graciously agreed to come to Richmond to hang out with him while we went to dinner at what is undoubtedly one of our favorite restaurants, ever. It did not disappoint—not the food, nor the company.

Love & Deliciousness.
This morning, at 7:15, I had to wake Hudson up to get ready for school. I walked into his room, floor boards creaking, and opened his curtains, letting in the morning sun. He sat up in his crib and rubbed his eyes. The first words out of his mouth were, "Where Trixie go?" That's when I knew that all three Browns had had a pretty awesome night.

Happy anniversary to us.

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