Sunday, May 6, 2012


While the bulk of my thoughts normally tend toward the mysterious (what am I going to be when I grow up?), the worrisome (how are we going to pay for this thing?), the frustrating (why do people suck?), and the things that are out of my control (why did Sacramento have to be west of LA?), this weekend was different. I traded in my everyday worries, for 48 hours of fun.
LIKE... that I know where we'll be
every first Saturday of the month
LIKE... that Hudson is obsessed with "Backet-Ball"
but LOVE ...that he's smartening up quickly.

LIKE... that these two guys know how to celebrate a birthday in style.

LIKE... that these two guys don't care who's watching.

LIKE... that doggies are models of unconditional love.
LIKE... that Hudson is the Assistant GC.

LOVE... that I know where my breakfast comes from.


  1. Love everything about this (and digging the new blog design theme). Also, who taught these dudes to drop the "sket" from the b-ball? Also, also, you should have included a photo of your MILF white blazer. xoxo

    1. You just made me spit out the wine I just sipped while reading a book, playing Drawsome, and Facebooking in bed. Two year old birthday party, you say? Decorate your own maraca with bright paints, you dare? Oh hell yes, do I have an outfit for that. Double xo.