Sunday, January 1, 2012


The old 2000 flutes are just perfect for
every bubbly occasion.
I've always loved New Year's Day. 

The idea that the stroke of midnight on this one particular day each year means so much more than that on any other day is simply fascinating. 

Is it cheesy to believe that this day brings the opportunity to start over, to make amends, to dream big, to feel invincible? Sure. So are the commemorative, new millennium champagne flutes I insist on using on special occasions. So, some would argue, is starting a blog. On New Year's Day. Fair enough. But, here we are.

I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing. And I'm not sure anyone will really care. What I do know is that today I'm excited, as I am on this day every year, for what is to come. This is the year my son will turn two. This is the year I'll build a new house with my husband. Beyond that, I haven't a clue. Whatever the future holds, I'd like it to be interesting, creative, important, and fun (or any combination thereof.) 

In the past, I would write a long list of resolutions on New Year's Eve. I wouldn't read them again until the following year when I would highlight the things I'd accomplished, and carry over to the new list any that I hadn't yet, but still had a desire to do. This year, I wanted to try something new. And so I embark on this digital adventure. I suppose most people start a blog with a plan, a goal. At the moment, I have neither. My hope is that, as with everything in my life thus far, it'll be OK to figure it out as I go. So, here I go...

Today I made a 25th wedding anniversary gift for friends. Today I took an afternoon nap. Today I helped my husband clean up our son's barf out of the kitchen sink. Today I drank really good champagne. Today I started a blog. Tomorrow, I try again. 

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  1. Bravo! Know this will be a most interesting endeavor for you! Interestingly, I have committed myself to a photo projec and am building a blog page. 52orbust - one photo per week, initially to illustrate a quote. Quotes requested from fam & friends, I choose one to illustrate photographically. A challenge, for sure. Best of luck with yours! oxoxDorothy