Friday, January 20, 2012


They say it's a virtue, but anyone who knows me will tell you, patience is not one that comes naturally.

Allow me, if you will, a rant this evening. If people would just say exactly what they mean and mean exactly what they say, life would be so much easier. At the very least, my days at work would be that much more productive.

Hudson knows what I mean. I practice the art of straight shooting with him every day.

This whole week he has been perfecting the use of his new catch phrase: "oh no!" When he senses me trying to block him out, he seems only to get louder and louder... "Oh No!! OH NO!!!!"

At the sink in the bathroom, he outstretched his arms and kept yelling those words. I walked right up to him, crouched to eye level and said, "Hudson! You either say the word water, wash, or hand or you get out of the bathroom!" He gave me his patented stink eye and I walked right out. A few seconds later I heard a little voice say, "water?"

Now that I could work with. Together, we washed his hands.

As for the person that robbed me of the only hour I had to get actual work done today I say, your verbal skills are, well... OH NO!

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